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What Matters Every Day: Safe Ways of Bathing

What Matters Every Day: Safe Ways of Bathing

If you or your older loved one requires support and help when bathing, it can be a very challenging and uncomfortable experience. But, it should be considered necessary for our health and hygiene. That is why it’s important to be open about the specific care and safety needs during bathing to eliminate risks.

If needed, also talk to your doctor so that you will clearly understand the importance of safety.

Before deciding whether to let a family member provide assistance to your aging loved ones or seek professional help from home care services in Alabama, ask your loved one first for their preferences regarding who they would want to receive help from.

Here’s how we plan to carry our assistance in bathing:

  • A full bath every day may not be suitable for older people. If that’s the case with your loved one, private areas and skin folds should be gently cleaned using a warm washcloth on a daily basis, saving full baths for twice a week at the very least
  • Ensure that the bathtub and the shower are properly equipped with safety features to accommodate their level of balance, strength, and agility, and also remove any items from the floor to eliminate any tripping hazard
  • Always prepare in advance any tools that are necessary during bathing, including towels, washcloths, soap, and shampoo.
  • Allow them some level of privacy when cleaning their private areas.
  • Consider Home Care in Huntsville, Alabama, to provide assistance with bathing.

If you or your loved ones need any of these professional care services, it’s important you seek help from a home care provider to start a better life now. You may also directly call Supportive Living Home Care for more details.

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