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Ways to Help Seniors Deal with Depression

Ways to Help Seniors Deal with Depression

Depression is a common illness that affects people of all ages. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, depression has affected more than 300 million people of varying ages, mostly in elder people. Elder people go through life changes and certain health challenges making them more inclined to depression. While there are effective pharmacological and psychological treatments available, there are also some ways that family members can integrate into seniors’ lives to help lessen depression. Here are some ways:

  1. Encourage social interaction
    Studies show that being socially active can help improve the mental and emotional health of elder adults. Encourage your loved one to visit friends or family members, attend community activities, or take part in a social gathering. You may consider hiring home care services in Alabama if they need help and company.
  2. Keep them physically active
    Physical activity is a lifesaver for seniors. It is important to encourage them to get physically active. There are proven activities that can help seniors manage depression such as yoga or tai-chi. They can also do gentle exercises such as stair climbing, walking, and aerobic exercises. A home care provider can assist seniors as they partake in physical activities.
  3. Hire a companion
    Most people consider a companion as an assistant to certain errands, appointment, or outings. However, it does more than that. Companions offer lively conversations, safety supervision, fun activities, and support for seniors to stay mentally and even emotionally healthy. Even though they spend most of the time at home alone, they will never feel isolated. You can entrust your loved one at Supportive Living Home Care. We are a home care in Huntsville, Alabama which provides companionship services.
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