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How to Make Your Home Conducive for Elderly People

How to Make Your Home Conducive for Elderly People

Elderly people have unique needs, especially ones that pertain to their mobility challenges. They might not be able to navigate and walk as easily as before. Aside from hiring an expert in home care in Huntsville, Alabama, to take care of them, it’s also good to make some adjustments to your home. Doing this ensures that their home life will be more comfortable and convenient. To get you started, here are some tips you can apply:

  • Install handrails and grab bars.
    If your home has two floors, be sure to have handrails for the stairs. And for your bathroom, install grab bars to prevent fall and trip accidents. Having rubberized flooring for your bathroom can help seniors maintain their balance and avoid slipping. Or you could also hire home care services in Alabama to accompany your loved ones wherever they go to keep them safe all the time.
  • Set up a slip-proof flooring material.
    You can prevent fall and slip accidents by installing a slip-proof flooring material for your home. You can opt for rubber or any material of choice, especially for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Opt for an open design kitchen area.
    Make the kitchen area as navigable as possible. Choose for overhead cabinets. With fewer doors and hallways to navigate, elderly people can have more freedom of movement.
  • Let in more natural ventilation and light.
    Expand your windows to allow natural light to pass through. Then use the right curtains to control the light. You can partner with a home care provider that also offers light housekeeping services to get this task done in no time.
  • Consider having an outdoor room.
    An outdoor room can serve as a perfect place for seniors to relax. Just be sure to have the right choice of comfortable chairs and other furniture sets.

While home improvement ensures your elderly loved one’s comfort at home, we, at Supportive Living Home Care, ensures that they’ll get the best personal care. Just visit our office or call us for inquiries.

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