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Service Areas Covered: We serve Madison County, Alabama and its surrounding communities.

At Supportive Living Home Care, we understand the anticipation and urgency of waiting to be discharged from a facility and making it to the comfy boundaries of your own home. In most cases, discharges require a family member/friend to transport them from the facility to home. How often do you have to wait on that family member/friend to pick you up? It could be hours or even the next day. Oh no! Here at Supportive Living Home Care, we want to help reduce that wait time. Our services will get you to your comfy bed sooner!


  • Pick the client up from Facility (Hospital or Rehab)
  • Take Client to get prescriptions filled
  • Grocery shopping
  • Make sure the client makes it in the home safely
  • Empty the refrigerator of old food and stock with new/fresh groceries
  • A nurse will come to the client’s home and look over medication
  • Reconciliation and organize medications for 1 week post-discharge from the facility


  • Patient must be able to be transported by private vehicle
  • Must have necessary assistive devices upon arrival to home
  • Must have pill organizer available when the nurse arrives in the home
  • Must give 48-hour notice prior to discharge