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Senior List: Qualities of Excellent In-Home Care

With the rise of the elderly population, more and more seniors are expected to receive care from home care agencies across the United States like Supportive Living Home Care for permanent/long-term disabilities and/or terminal illnesses. An ideal home care provider can play a significant role in ensuring the faster recovery of a senior. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Common Health Concerns Facing Baby Boomers

With aging comes the challenges of aging, and the baby boomers’ generation is no exemption. Healthy living is important as age is one of the risk factors for a chronic condition. Supportive Living Home Care will lay down four of the most common health concerns faced by the boomers’ generation. Type 2 Diabetes Over the … Continue reading

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It Pays to Pay Attention to Nutrition

As we get older, it becomes frequently more valuable to pay attention to the kind of food we eat. Whether you are eating fast food or home-cooked veggies, they both have an impact on each phase of our health. And this result will only grow more pronounced in the coming years. This is why it … Continue reading

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Effective Exercises for Older Adults

It is necessary to make certain lifestyle adjustments in order to increase and maintain our health. Among these lifestyle modifications is by attaching more exercise to your daily routine. Exercise can give a lot of advantages as it helps keep you feeling and looking a lot younger. Supportive Living Home Care is a home care … Continue reading

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What Matters Every Day: Safe Ways of Cooking and Preparing Meals

As we age, domestic accident hazards and the possibility of accidents happening in various areas in our home, like the kitchen, increases. Moreover, the Federal Emergency Management Agency stated that people with the age above 65 have a 2.5 times higher risk of meeting accidents in a kitchen fire than the general population. This means … Continue reading

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What Matters Every Day: Safe Ways of Bathing

If you or your older loved one requires support and help when bathing, it can be a very challenging and uncomfortable experience. But, it should be considered necessary for our health and hygiene. That is why it’s important to be open about the specific care and safety needs during bathing to eliminate risks. If needed, … Continue reading

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