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Challenges Faced by Baby Boomers

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Baby boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964. They have been characterized by the significance they have created in the society, especially in the period of political and social change several years ago. In the data from the US Census Bureau, there will be nearly 78 million baby boomers by the year 2030. It is projected that the population will outnumber the population of children over the next years. With the increasing baby boomer population, how can we accommodate and provide a comfortable aging for all of them? Supportive Living Home Care, a home care in Huntsville, Alabama, provides the solution. With the multifaceted need of baby boomers, home care is extremely helpful to allow sustained care throughout their aging life.

Now, as baby boomers enjoy their glorious retirement, they face a new set of challenges. These challenges include:

  1. Age-related health issue
    Although most people say baby boomers are the happiest among generations, they face diverse age-related conditions as they approach the retirement age. Most of them need a helping hand in maintaining independence. If you or your loved one is entering an old age or suffering from age-related health issues, there are home care services in Alabama that can help manage the daily-to-day life.
  2. Personal care
    Personal hygiene, proper eating, timely medication, and fitness are important aspects of baby boomers. However, due to old age, most of them have difficulty sustaining their personal needs. That is why they need a helping hand at home. A home care provider may be the best solution to ensure they get the best personal care while enjoying their golden years.
  3. Mobility problem
    Along with age-related issues, many baby boomers apparently struggle with mobility. Even as they enjoy longevity, many of them are left incapacitated, wheelchair-bound, or using assistive devices. Attending family gathering, social engagement, or even getting physically active may be difficult for them, but help is available. Companionship services may be helpful to allow safety supervision of baby boomers with mobility problems.
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